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Super Powerful Man Tablets 100mg x 4 Tablets in 1 box.
Vigore is possibly the best news for men with erectile disfunction. Vigore could potentially change your sex life and turn you into the lover you were destined to be. Vigore is South Africa's number 1 selling herbal remedy for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Vigore has been available in South Africa for 8 years. And the best part is that it is all herbal and made from completely natural ingredients. There are no side effects and you don't need a prescription to buy it.

How does Vigore tablets work?
The full list of beneficial effects of regularly taking Vigore tablets is amazing. Researchers from all over the world have scientifically proved the following benefits: Improves impotence and associated erectile problems, enhancing sexual desire and increasing libido, vitality and stamina, regular and prolonged stronger and harder erections. It has become the most widely used all-natural remedy for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Many consider it to be the herbal alternative to Viagra. According to legend, the Chinese King had many women to satisfy and naturally would not always be capable of doing so. He summoned his best chemists, medical experts and scientists. The story goes that these experts, having a vast range of herbs and natural ingredients as well as the King's money at their disposal, came up with this amazing product that sorted all of the King's problems. Today that same product is made using a sophisticated process to concentrate the ingredients and the effect. What are the "ingredients" ?

Each Tablet contains extracts of: Epimedium 50mg, Rhemannia Root 50mg and Deer Root 50mg. .

Dosage and directions fro use: 1 Capsules 30 minutes before Sexual intercourse.

What's in the box
1 x Vigore Man Performance Enhancer - 4 Tablets

Vigore ManPower

SKU: VIGO-00000000073
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